A brief re-hashing of some of the stuff I read the past week on my regularly visited blogs.

We’ll start it off with a mention of what Nocturnal Slacker was ranting about over on his LockerGnome blogsite. Seems he was on a tear about the good and bad of Mozilla’s new Thunderbird version 3, which had just recently been updated on Slackware64  13.0’s repos. Initially, all looked bleak for the ol’ Slacker. He couldn’t get his Lighting to work. Things did finally pan out, though.

Let’s see… Trent over at The Linux Critic has been kinda’ busy with real life, it seems. His last posting was a couple weeks ago. Oh well, occasionally you do have to do other stuff. You can’t sit in front of your computer all the time. Can you?

Guillermo was pretty busy posting lots of Linux tips and how-tos over at his Linux Operating System blog. Mucho educational! Check it out, if you’re into that Linux stuff.

Dedoimedo reviews Fedora Core 14. Interesting. He finds it lacking in some areas, though. As always, reading that blog is entertaining, regardless of the subject matter.

Alien Bob had some fun updating Slackware Current on his laptop.

Willy talked about better fonts, gtk, rebuilding xorg, and other stuff related to Linux and Slackware. Check it out.

SecurityBreach has been busy at Scot’s Newsletter Forums – Bruno’s All Things Linux. How do I know that? Well, he didn’t post anything at Comhack this week. 😦

The Skepchick? Man! She and her friends went on about all kinds of good stuff over there. Check out some quickies.

Psicop was a busy blogger this week. Check out his article about airport scanners at his Miscellanea Agnostica site.

PZ Myers just always makes a lot of sense. Read about the War on Christmas at Pharyngula.

Dr. Goldacre on Bad Science wrote about breasts. Don’t miss it! Sorry. There were no pictures.

Li’l Bambi is still trying to find the make and model of Boston Blackie’s car. Anyone know about that?

And lastly, Himadri, that argumentative old git, is discussing Pasternak this week.

And that’s about it, folks. You see, this is what happens when bloggers can’t think of anything to write about. See you again soon, I hope! Hey, seriously… these folks above have some really interesting and entertaining stuff on their sites. Check ’em out.



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  1. Yeah I know, I have been slacking. I have been pretty busy at work and other things. Sorry, I will try to do better LOL

  2. lilbambi says:

    Thanks Eric! Would like to get a definitive answer on that Boston Blackie car 🙂

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