Are you kidding me? Censure? Ooooh… ummm-mmmaaa! Charlie was a bad boy!

What a friggin’ joke this is. So Charlie was caught? Big deal? I guess they have to make an example out of him because he was so foolish to actually get caught.

So, what was he caught doing that was so bad?

11 Breaches of Ethics

Yow! That was naughty of him. I’m sorry to sound so cynical, but do these rat bastards expect me to really believe that 95% of them don’t do the exact same shit on any given day? Of course, they expect me to believe it… and you too. This dog and pony show is for our benefit. In the back rooms, they’re telling ol’ Charlie that it don’t mean nothing. It’s his punishment for breaching their code of ethics by getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Twenty terms this ol’ guy has been elected to. Twenty! I bet his constituents (read as dumb ass followers) will vote him right in again, too. They’re always quick to forgive.

Ain’t politics grand? Wake up! These are the bastards spending your money and the money of three of your following generations.

Read more about this at the NY Times, if you wanna’…



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