A follow up to my A Pardon for the Lizard King article.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. A story on the TampaBay.com website states that Governor Charlie Crist has indeed decided to pursue the pardon for Jim Morrison, front man of 60s Rock and Roll band The Doors.

If you read my previous article about this, you know that ol’ Jim got into some hot water down in Miami back in the almost “summer of love” (March, 1969), when he allegedly flashed his winkie to his adoring fans while on stage giving a concert.

There really was no hard (Ahem!) evidence that this actually occurred. There were witnesses on both sides giving contradicting testimony. And if he did? So what? You’d think that in March of ’69 there would be a few more important things to be concerned about… like your little boy getting his ass shot off in a rice paddy thousands of miles away.

Well, anyway… GOOD for the Lizard King. And GOOD for Gov. Charlie for giving Jim’s ghost final release to leave this place and quit haunting Ed Sullivan’s old garage.



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