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  1. Don’t forget Private Browsing which is already built into Firefox.

    And of course some other security related Firefox Extension greats:

    AdBlock Plus
    PDF Download

  2. comhack says:

    Holy crap he has a lot of extensions!!! Looking through them now to see if I want/need any of them.

  3. Almost forgot…

    Thanks for that great post, Chris. I burned most of my morning farting around with FF and those extensions. I particularly like that Secure Login. VERY COOL! 🙂

  4. PsiCop says:

    Firefox was a great browser … 2 or 3 years ago. But it’s sluggish, possibly because of memory leakage, and only gets slower with each version released. I used it for a while on my main machines, but had to get rid of it.

    What I use, now, is Safari on my iMac (a convenient choice, since it comes installed), and Chrome on my Windows laptop. Firefox’s main advantage is in its vast extension gallery, but now that Google hosts a hefty number of them for Chrome, this advantage is vanishing. Rapidly.

    Plus, Chrome has one enormous benefit that the rest don’t, which is native support for Flash, which the Mozilla folks are adamant about never doing with Firefox.

    At our company, we’ve been recommending Chrome as a default browser for all our clients, and to date none of those that switched have complained about it. In fact, a few of them regretted not having gone that route earlier.

    • I tried, but never really liked, FF* in my MS Windows installations back in my Windoze daze. However, when I came to Linux, I found that FF seems to be in its element. It’s a much better app in Linux. It may be OK in Windows nowadays, but I wouldn’t know.

      *I did like, and use, the old Mozilla Browser (now Seamonkey) in MS Windows, though. It worked like a champ! I still use it in Linux as an HTML editor app. 🙂

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