At least that is a possibility for those going green by using those reusable shopping bags sold in most grocery stores.

A breaking story in the Tampa Tribune the other day has sparked nationwide interest; and the attention of Senator Chuck Schumer, who is pushing for an investigation and possible ban of the bags.

Can you guess where the bags are manufactured? Yes! You are correct. That same little girl who gets two cups of rice a day to do my old electronics repair job also makes these bags… or a factory full of her little friends do, anyway. Gosh! Why am I not surprised?

Hmm… let’s see. A year or so ago, the Chinese were trying to kill off our pets with tainted pet food. Since that experiment went so well, they’re now attempting to kill us off. Is this any way to show their gratitude for saving their asses from the Japanese in WWII, I ask you?

I know. I know. I tease a lot about the Chinese and what China’s monstrous Walmart-like domination of the cheap products market has done to the U.S. economy, but I really don’t think the RED Chinese are doing this intentionally. Furthermore, I don’t think that about 95% of all the $$$ made by the RED Chinese in their new-found capitalist mode is going to support the RED Chinese Army.

But it does kinda’ make you go “Hmmmm?” every once in a while, huh?

I’ll take my groceries home in those landfill-filling, never-biodegrading plastic bags for the immediate future. Besides, those things make perfect garbage bags to use in my kitchen. πŸ˜‰



P. S. While searching for that cool “From China With Love” image, I found THIS funny site.

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  1. comhack says:

    Interesting post!!

    From that site:

    China doesn’t actually exist. It’s a front company conceived by American Intelligence Agencies in concert with The Bush Family in order to stockpile large amounts of fuel, textile, material and cash resources. All of which will be brought to use during the end times.


  2. comhack says:

    No wonder we are friends, that describes me perfectly except for the biker bit. lol

  3. comhack says:

    I did and still do πŸ˜‰

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