C’mon baby, light my trousers!

There’s been some talk around town this week that Florida’s Governor, Charlie Crist, may pardon The Doors front man Jim Morrison for an incident that occurred in Miami over 40 years ago.

The incident entailed Jim’s alleged wienee peep show on stage at the Dinner Key Auditorium. If he actually did what he’s accused of, it wouldn’t even have made the news in this day and age. Hell, pardon the poor dead bastard. It’s not like he’s going to care one way or another. For the fans of the Lizard King, though, it would be pretty cool.

Michael Mayo at the Sun-Sentinel has an interesting twist on this in his blog. He feels that it might be a symbolic stick in the eye for Gov Charlie to give to his former conservative Republican chums.

We all know that Crist lit a torch to his political past (and possibly future) when he quit the Republican party and went independent earlier this year.

A Morrison pardon would be the final flourish renouncing his conservative roots.

It would be a great departing finger for Charlie to wave as he’s walking out the door of the Governor’s mansion. πŸ˜‰

Jan E. Morris has written a very interesting article about the incident over at the Doors.com website. Read the Miami Incident to get a bit of background on what this brouhaha is all about. Bottom line? Times were a lot different back then.

For now, though, I’ll close with a little music for you…



Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
Audio/Video credit: YouTube

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  1. comhack says:

    Interesting post Eric. I am a big fan of The Doors but I had never heard of this incident. Thanks for sharing it. I hope Crist does pardon him even if it does not really mean anything.

  2. chrisretusn says:

    I remember the Doors, I remember the incident. What done is done. Let it be.

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