And you thought there was gridlock in government before the election.

Well, looks like the Repubs get the House and the the Dems keep the Senate. Boy! That’s gonna’ make for some real cooperative governing. I can see it now. If they manage to get anything passed in the next two years, I’d be amazed; barring any bills or actions to benefit themselves, that is. Me cynical? Nah…

I don’t have anything more against the GOP than I do any other political party out there. I was a registered Republican for many years; going against the grain of my pro-union Democratic family background. However, somewhere down the road (probably with “W”) the GOP and I went our separate ways, philosophically.

I’ve never been a “party” voter, anyway. I’ve always voted for the person. My political stance is actually more Libertarian than anything else; and not even that, precisely. I’m hard to pigeon-hole, as are most folks. I tend to vote in ways that I feel would benefit the majority of folks. It doesn’t always come out that way, though.

Anyway, just  a short rant.



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  1. Pilgrim says:

    I actually watched the election results and the subsequent “pundit analysis” with great interest.

    I can’t say I completely understand your governance but when eveyone puts their spin on it, as an outsider it makes for fascinating watching and speculation.

    It will be interesting to see how the next two years and the election results will play out vis vis Canada and US relations in many arenas.

    This link is from a speech given to the Washington Press Club Broadcast March 25, 1969

    by then Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau

    I think it still holds some validity, don’t you?

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