Whoa! MS Windows on one of my machines?

Sure. Why not? I don’t have anything against Microsoft or their product line. Actually, to ramble for a moment before beginning this review…

MS did a lot of good for me and for a lot of you folks out there. Back in the day (oh, late 70s/early 80s), I was playing around with the 8080A processor and octal machine code. A few years later it was the Commodore 20/64 machines. Oooh! Graphic interfaces! Then Microsoft popped on the scene. My first experience with MS was with Windows 3.1 and a cool management app called MS Project.

From about 1993 till 2000, I didn’t have anything to do with computers. In 2000, I inherited a system (Pentium I) from my brother. It had Win 98SE on it. I fell in love/hate all over again. That’s pretty much always been my relationship with MS Windows… love and hate at the same time. In 2006 or so, I finally had enough. After a fourth catastrophic system crash in three years due to an MS Windows update, I gave up (for the most part) on Windows as an operating system.

That was the beginning of my Linux Odyssey. That’s a whole ‘nother story, though. This post is about the new and much improved MS Win 7. While I have kept a crippled (no network access) Win XP Pro on my main system all along, Linux has been my primary operating system for four years now. I only used the XP to play FPS games (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Halo, Deus Ex, Far Cry, etc.)

I recently acquired a copy of Win 7 Enterprise edition and wanted to test it out. I installed it originally on my main system. However, that didn’t work out optimally, so I reinstalled it on my new (to me, anyway) laptop unit. There it has found a nice, comfortable home. I was impressed from the moment the DVD booted.

The ease of installation was a great selling point. Once it was installed, though, the real fun began. The beautiful “aero” eye candy themes and visual effects were absolutely wonderful. I was sucked right in at that point. I’ve always enjoyed customizing my computer pretty seriously. I change my desktops and themes often; sometimes every other day. I like variety. This new Win 7 has many options for prettification.

Then there’s the operation… well, that was a pretty smooth experience, too. It fired up. It configured all my hardware automatically. It just worked right out-of-the-box. Don’t you love it when something works as it’s suppose to? Security? Well, this version of Windows isn’t going to be as secure as any distribution of Linux. That’s just the nature of the beast. However, I have seen some vast improvements in security features in Win 7. The only thing I had to do to batten down the hatches a bit was to install and AV app. I used Avast!, matey! 😉

All’s well in my Win 7 world. I’m playing around with it every day or so. I am the computer wienee (technical support) for most of my family and friends, so I need to stay on top of MS Windows stuff because that’s what they all use on their systems. I can’t very well help them if I don’t know anything about the OS.

Final thoughts… Microsoft’s Windows 7 is a very nice operating system. I’m sure it still has some of the aggravating quirks that its forebears had, but the majority seem to have been dealt with well in this version. If you’re a regular MS Windows user, I would have no qualms about telling you to give 7 a try. You’ll like it. One thing to note, though… it does use some major resources on your system. Be sure your machine meets minimal requirements to run 7 before bothering.



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  1. PsiCop says:

    What, a positive review of a MS product, from a Linux fan? I can only assume the news reports will soon come flooding in, that hell has frozen over … !

    Actually I’ve also been impressed with Win 7, but after having dealt with Vista, did not think I would. I’ve found that laptops with Win 7 tend to get very good battery life, among other things.

    • Hi Psi! Thanks for stopping by and reading/commenting.

      Yeah. Shhhhhh… don’t say that about me running MS Windows 7 too loudly. In the crowd I run in, that would be detrimental to my reputation. Kinda’ like saying you saw me in church this morning. Heh! 😉

      Seriously though… Yes! Win 7 has been an awesome experience for me so far. I’m very impressed. Fortunately, I only saw a few Vista installations (not on any of my systems), and most of them were so corrupted they wouldn’t boot. I hadn’t heard much good about Vista. It seems as though it’s going to be relegated to the “Millennium Edition” in between XP and 7.

      Off I go…


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