Hmm… looks like Floridians, or the small minority who actually vote, have decided to elect a crook to run the State.

The newspaper websites are showing Rick Scott in the lead over Alex Sink by a couple percentage points.  It scares me that this guy might actually end up being the next Governor of Florida. He’s a billionaire X-CEO of a company that was found guilty of the the biggest Medicare fraud in history. He was at the helm of that company when this fraud was taking place, yet claims to have had no knowledge of it. C’mon, people! Wake the hell up!

Furthermore, why would a billionaire spend millions to get elected to a job that pays $150K/year or so? Does he really have noble intentions about improving the State? Yeah… right. He wants more power. He’s a power hungry crook who is looking to use Florida’s Governorship as a stepping stone to bigger and better things like the U.S. Senate or even the Presidency. That would be my bet.

His kind of money wants to secure more power (read as control) over the little guy so that he can continue to profit and protect his hoard. I just don’t trust this guy. I guess if he wins, we’re stuck with him for a while. I could be wrong, of course, but I just can’t fathom why someone like him would want that job; unless it was to benefit himself.

His campaign slogan was “Let’s get to work!” Yeah… how ’bout “Let’s get real!”



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  1. ChipDoc says:

    To be fair, a power-hungry crook CAN have the best interests of the State at heart – so long as they coincide with his own. Look at old Huey Long in Louisiana. Whatever you say about him, he certainly dragged his state into the 20th century.

    Where, in many ways, it remains…

    • I tend toward serious cynicism when it comes to politics at any level. I have a hard time believing that there are any people out there who run for public office with that noble goal of serving the people. They all end up proving to be self-serving.

      Oh, and thanks for stopping by and reading/commenting, Chip. 🙂

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